Incentivando la Innovación Colaborativa en la Industria Minera

Ministerio de Minería
Mining Center


The iUAI Mining Center –through 22 face-to-face interviews with Providers, Mining Companies, and Research Centers– conducted a segmentation of the information through qualitative analysis software. Thanks to this tool, it was possible to classify the data obtained into: “Good Practices for Innovation”, “Successful Cases” and “Barriers to Innovation”, regarding the development of technology in the Chilean mining industry.

This information shows how companies prioritize projects lasting no longer than 3 years, which are mostly incremental innovations or technological transfers, over complex developments and disruptive technologies that require longer cycles and complex iterations.

The sample was formed by 12 local providers, with a high capacity for innovation. Therefore, information was obtained to define good practices that lead local companies to develop new technological solutions and, in some cases, to commercialize them.

In a second stage, a characterization of these providers was carried out and the information was corroborated. For this, a massive survey was conducted —virtually— and processed through the Monkey Survey platform, software specialized in managing surveys. The results obtained allowed us to define the following characteristics of the companies that form the sample: