Incentivando la Innovación Colaborativa en la Industria Minera

Ministerio de Minería
Mining Center

Good Practices Associated with Commercialization


Any company that implements new technology is exposed to the appearance of similar solutions in the market. That is why it is a good practice to add constant improvements to the solution. This allows to maintain leadership over the competition and establish long-term relationships with clients.

A good practice to motivate the employees to generate technological innovations, which allow to give life to new projects, are incentives (monetary or of a different kind). Benefits will always be attractive and motivating to embark on the creation of new solutions.

The price of copper determines the actions of the stakeholders of the mining ecosystem. When the price of the commodity is low, budgets suffer and tend to generate fewer innovations. Diversifying clients is a good strategy that will avoid depending on a few buyers. Moreover, this makes it possible to maintain innovation projects even in difficult times.

To launch new products and / or services, it is key for the company to know if there will be a buyer’s market and if it will be large enough. To carry out a study, companies can apply market research techniques to predict what is needed and to what extent. Once the target market is defined, efficiency increases in terms of efforts and allocation of resources.