Incentivando la Innovación Colaborativa en la Industria Minera

Ministerio de Minería
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Good Practices Associated with Packaging


A project that does not interfere with the works will increase its possibilities of implementation. Therefore, interference should be considered a relevant factor.

In all business areas it is necessary to have contact networks that offer new opportunities for the company. This is even more required in terms of technological innovation since these are specific products and markets. By generating new contacts, the innovative product / service may have export options to markets larger than the national one.

It is key for companies to understand the client’s needs in order to offer new products / services that give value. Thus, an important source of information to propose and evaluate innovation projects is the client’s input.

Advances in the areas of information and communication allow to minimize the difficulties associated with distance. Companies that participate in virtual meetings, where technological information is exchanged with other entities, usually obtain informal collaboration to solve their problems or resolve doubts. Through these instances it is possible to exchange experiences and knowledge.