Incentivando la Innovación Colaborativa en la Industria Minera

Ministerio de Minería
Mining Center

Good Practices Associated with Technology Transfer


Interdisciplinary work brings together knowledge, skills and experiences of professionals from different fields. The combination of points of view strongly encourages creativity, which is the initial step of innovation. In the national mining context, each task has its own reality, which complicates the development of innovation. Given this, an interdisciplinary work group will allow to obtain a greater precision to identify problems, define objectives and propose innovative solutions.

Advances in the areas of information and communication allow to minimize the difficulties associated with distance. Companies that participate in virtual meetings, where technological information is exchanged with other entities, usually obtain informal collaboration to solve their problems or resolve doubts. Through these instances it is possible to exchange experiences and knowledge.

In the current context, technological development progressively reaches higher levels of complexity. Therefore, it is important to go to external sources to access new knowledge. Creating a collaborative environment for providers implies that each provider will become a knowledge node, from which the company will generate its own knowledge.