Incentivando la Innovación Colaborativa en la Industria Minera

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IP Agencies

The agency in charge of the administration and provision of industrial property services in Chile, INAPI, seeks, on the one hand, to promote innovation, creation and technology transfer and, on the other, to organize markets facilitating decision-making by the consumers in our country. Likewise, it is responsible for promoting the protection provided by industrial property and disseminating technological knowledge and the information available to it.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), whose main role is to facilitate the administration of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) –which offers assistance to applicants seeking international protection for their inventions– through the communication of the applications received to the Contracting States and the publication of all of them.

On the other hand, it assists technology transfer offices (TTO) in the decisions on patent granting. Thus, those who file an international patent application, through the PCT, have the possibility of protecting their invention, worldwide, in 148 countries.

Next, we detail the different types and forms of international intellectual property applications that are currently used: