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Protection Mechanisms

Depending on the nature of the innovation developed, it will be important to know the various existing protection mechanisms to see which one or which ones are most appropriate for each case.

In this context, it is important to know the two branches of Intellectual Property (Copyright and Industrial Property) to have greater clarity of this topic.

As our approach is aimed at Industrial Property, we will present the mechanisms related to this branch.

Como nuestro enfoque está dirigido a la Propiedad Industrial, te presentaremos los mecanismos correspondientes a esta rama.

It is the intellectual property right that protects mainly literary, artistic and / or scientific work, such as books, films, computer programs or software, among others. In Chile, the institution in charge of the Registry of copyright and related rights —and the other functions established by Law No. 17,336 on Intellectual Property and its Regulations— is the Intellectual Rights Department, dependent on the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums of the Ministry of Education.

It covers all types of industrial activity. Within the branch of industrial property, these can be found: trademark, trade names, geographical indication and patents, among others.